ТОО «Baumaschinen Kazakhstan» - продажа и обслуживание экскаваторов Komatsu

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Cooperative Kazakhstan-Germany company  LLP «Baumaschinen    Kazakhstan» is official representative in Kazakhstan of factory-manufacture of hydraulic excavators in Germany of «Komatsu Mining Germany» , former DEMAG


LLP «Baumaschinen Kazakhstan» delivers hydraulic excavators (with bucket capacity from 12m and above, and also spare parts for them. Provides the Customers with complex service maintenance of supplied machinery, and provides technical support while maintenance directly on the sites for reaching high stable achievements.

LLP «Baumaschinen Kazakhstan» has been working on the market since 2003. Primarily there was an aim for company not only deliver qualitative technics, but also to provide the Customers with all the conditions for their maximum effective maintenance.

Complying with the stated demands of «Baumaschinen Kazakhstan» is provided by :
Debugged mechanissm of work with manufacture. Spare parts and consumables are being delivered directly from the manufactur, that significantly decreases the delivery term.

Well-thought-out system of stockhouses location. Highly productive machinery work is impossible without spare parts and consumables. Therefore «Baumaschinen Kazakhstan» has several stockhouses on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on sites and close to the service machinery.

Qualiied service staff.   The complex service support is provided for supplied machinery.The base of the service staff are high-qualified specialists, trained in the manufacture in Germany and having many years' experience work with mentioned technics.